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Clipping Path is the most known and important term for image editing purpose.

Clipping Path is a fundamental work for editing most of images. For background removing and editing of image we need to separate the subject from the image by creating Path. We use Photoshop Path Tool for creating Clipping Path.

We have more than 20 years of experience of doing Clipping Path works. We also have a professional team to deliver the quality work for the clients.


A simple path for a 1 or 2 clipping path for a subject in an image. In this category we may create 1 or 2 path to separate the subject from the image background. RVGS expert does this clipping path in a simple process so that you can put your image in any background.


Medium clipping path services depending on a few multiple paths creating to separate the subject form the image background. The images which has more area to cut out without effecting the image quality then it requires for Medium Clipping Path Service. RVGS team is very expert to create multiple paths as per your requirement. After this process you can put this image subject in any background.


The Complex Clipping Pathitself is explaining its complexity of creating path of an image. There are many images have number of compound shapes together. There may be 10 or more compound shape of holes in the image where every whole need to be making clipping path to separate from the background. For example, Motorcycle image with details, group people image, jeweler image, etc.

Super Complex

If you see our example like, bi-cycle image clipping, clumsy hair background removing you can understand how complex is these images to create clipping path. That’s why it is called Supper Complex Clipping Path. There may be 20 and more compound shapes and holes in the image where every hole needs to be making clipping path to separate from the background. Our expert professionals do this work so carefully so that maximum details remain in the image.

No matter how complex is the image to be making clipping path you can test us for free trial. Please send us any complex image and we will react soon with your work.

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